Total Bed Inspections, LLC            
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How We Help Mattress Retailers, Manufacturers, and their Consumers
  • What We Do:  Standardized mattress set inspections when consumers have concerns about their purchase, or file a warranty claim with the retailer or manufacturer.

  • How We Do It:  We schedule an inspection appointment with the consumer in a timely manner, and perform examinations of each part of the mattress set at the customer’s home. Then, a completed inspection report will be submitted to the retailer or manufacturer within two business days after the inspection.

  • Why We Are Necessary:  We gather this information in order for retailers or manufacturers to know the facts, so they can make the best decision about how to address the concerns of their buying public.  Consumers need a professional inspection performed by a trained person in the field, which will result in an accurate report to help explain their issue.  As expert inspectors, we understand the importance of collecting precise visual and written data on a report; covering over 40 different pieces of information.

Are you a manufacturer or retailer interested in our services?  Please contact us today, and experience our difference!